A more relaxed coastal existence.

Malibu Beach Company


The 27 miles of beautiful coastline offers surfers several good local breaks to choose from.


From tidal pools to mountainside patches of flowers and streams that seasonably bless slopes of adventurers. Plant and animal wildlife abound.


Enjoy many local eateries and experience Malibu's culinary arts. Dining is another wonderful fixture in this coastal town.


From the mountains to the sea, the outdoor enthusiast can find plenty of chances to get exercise and take-in beautiful vistas in a single outing.

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It’s a town best experienced in the fall and spring, when the crowds on PCH and the heat of summer have dissipated. But regardless of when you visit Malibu, you’ll likely enjoy it at a more relaxed pace. The Pacific Ocean is one factor that makes the ‘Bu a favorite coastal ambassador.



With a selection of over 30 beaches spread over the city's 27 miles - if you love the beach, there's likely one that's perfect for you.


Your options are many. Take in a yoga class, visiting a gym, a run on the beach or a hike in the nearby Santa Monica mountains.


It's the end of the day, and there's almost nothing as breathtaking as pausing at a PCH park to absorb the golden hour on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.


The ocean and the nearby mountains offer unique access to purely natural experiences. Tranquility near the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles is one of the character traits that makes Malibu special.

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A more relaxed coastal California lifestyle along the Pacific Ocean.

Malibu Beach Co.



Plan your visit to Malibu-with a more laid book pace in mind. It’s a big part of the town’s charm. A beach lifestyle wrapped in a pleasantly different stride.


If you don’t reside nearby, there are a number of nice places to stay within Malibu and even more in nearby Santa Monica, Westlake and Agoura.


Whether it’s a “staycation”, or a getaway of any length, take-in the beauty of a hike in the mountains, a thoughtful beach walk and a meal near the sea.
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